Firefox browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017

Firefox browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017
Firefox browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017

There are many players in the Internet browser war, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Opera, Chrome, and Firefox one of them. Although IE continues to be the actual prominent web browser for many years, Chrome is actually quickly gathering popularity and recently, overtaken IE since typically the most popular browser within European countries. With the release of model 3.0 past due last 06, Opera has arrived at the degree of as a genuine browser selection as opposed to just a sweet tiny toy for alternative software program hobbyists. Thus, what’s to like concerning Firefox 3.0? A lot!

To start, and also this is a big one, Opera is created with all the Mozilla developed Gecko structure powerplant. This engine is now incredibly popular for browsers, e-mail applications, and also web writing tools because of its popular stability as well as licensing. Gecko is free and also open source, at the forefront within building globally standards for that Internet. As these specifications are now being created, Firefox is actually around the entrance lines adding brand new functions and also add-ons.

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Hold down the CONTROL (CTRL) key and press the assigned key.
CTRL + A Select all text on a webpage
CTRL + B Open the Bookmarks sidebar
CTRL + C Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL + D Bookmark the current webpage
CTRL + F Find text within the current webpage
CTRL + G Find more text within the same webpage
CTRL + H Opens the webpage History sidebar
CTRL + I Open the Bookmarks sidebar
CTRL + J Opens the Download Dialogue Box
CTRL + K Places the cursor in the Web Search box ready to type your search
CTRL + L Places the cursor into the URL box ready to type a website address
CTRL + M Opens your mail program (if you have one) to create a new email message
CTRL + N Opens a new Firefox window
CTRL + O Open a local file
CTRL + P Print the current webpage
CTRL + R Reloads the current webpage
CTRL + S Save the current webpage on your PC
CTRL + T Opens a new Firefox Tab
CTRL + U View the page source of the current webpage
CTRL + V Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard
CTRL + W Closes the current Firefox Tab or Window (if more than one tab is open)
CTRL + X Cut the selected text
CTRL + Z Undo the last action

Hold down the CONTROL (CTRL) and SHIFT keys and press the assigned key.
CTRL + SHIFT + R Reloads the current page while also forcing a refresh of any cached elements.
CTRL + SHIFT + V Pastes the contents of the clipboard as purely plain (no formatting) text.
CTRL + SHIFT + G Whilst using the document search function, this shortcut will find the previous occurence of the search term in the document.
CTRL + SHIFT + W Closes the current window.
CTRL + SHIFT + Page up Moves the current tab left one slot in the tab carousel.
CTRL + SHIFT + P Opens a new Private Window.
CTRL + SHIFT + Tab Go to previous tab.
CTRL + SHIFT + H Opens the History window.
CTRL + SHIFT + DEL Opens the Clear recent history dialogue box.

These shortcuts use the function keys.
F1 Opens Firefox help
F3 Find more text within the same webpage
F5 Reload the current webpage
F6 Toggles the cursor between the address/URL input box and the current webpage
F7 Toggles Caret Browsing on and off. Used to be able to select text on a webpage with the keyboard
F11 Switch to Full Screen mode

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