Keep a backup of all of your account passwords saved in Firefox on your computer

We use a lot of the users of the Firefox net. One of the many advantages of your different online account username and can be saved. Firefox because a lot of applause. After a long time to use a little problem, but when you re-install your operating system when. Suppose you have 100 accounts, which you can register online to save their passwords Firefox has. But for some reason you re-install the operating system. The 100 account info after you again to save. I do not know what happens to anyone else, it would be scary for me. And the scary thing is lazy like me bhitudera (one is reminded of Mind. There is no connection with any living or dead person) this small effort for me.


1.pasaoyarda download and install the add-ons by clicking here
Keep his words said to restart
2.phayaraphaksa To restart
3.phayaraphaksa Tools> Options, go to
4.Go to Security Tab

The Import / Export Passwords button to see the new 1

5.Import / Export Passwords button. This will open a window like the image below 1

6. Click the button to save the Export Password password. Desatinesanata note
7. re-install the operating system to restore the saved passwords to follow Step No. 1 to 5 , then click on the Import Password.

now enjoy.

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