How do you know whether your laptop battery problems

Use a laptop all the time who think they have some common thoughts.

1. The battery is good?

II. Use it the way I am cut his longevity?

3. How long will the life expectancy?

4. How do I know if the battery needs to be changed

The first is that battery life will decrease with time, it will be. But it is very slowly. Some are urgently. Use a lot of hours, but it depends on. We can not control itself. It will be for us to understand some things.

laptops Charge:
We must remember that lyaptapera mWh depending on the charge, not on empire ml.

Again, it has a battery depends on how much capacity. Now I’ll show you how it bujabena lyaptapera how much capacity the battery current.

It can be manually. But with this software, which is seen. First, download the software and open portabala. Link 1st tiumente

Then it will look like the picture below.

How do you know whether your laptop battery problems
How do you know whether your laptop battery problems

How to keep good batteries?
Some tips on keeping the battery is good.

1. Tapamatra, just to keep the software you need for it. This is how you know the temperature, the more heat it will show, so it does not need anything more than that will simply just installed. Link 1st tiumente

2. Flowers all the time, you should charge, lithium-ion battery is always better to keep a full charge, charge cards despite having run the plug-in. Many charge by the end of the flowers and flower again in charge. The battery capacity decreases ksamate.

3. After a few days after the batteries are kyalibaresana. The software is installed, if given a little earlier when we understand the need to be. Again, the rules are there. It increases battery waer level.

So far today. All will be well.

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