How to Make an invisible Folder

To produce a good invisible folder, you have to do two things: initial eliminate the file identify and second result in the file Symbol clear. To cover up the folder name… After that support the > Alt key whilst typing the particular numbers > 0160 using the quantity sleeping pad. Strike > Get into and also the directory name ought to be gone.

Within my previous Modems we have told you steps to make any directory without the names. Right now I will demonstrate steps to make an entire unseen directory to your desktop computer. You are able to big surprise individuals as a result trick. Initially you have to make the particular folder without the title. Therefore first the particular folder next right click on and click on rename , remove the title (by backspace or erase switch) , hold in that place.

How to Make an invisible Folder

 Be sure your numlock is on, if not then make it on. Now press and hold ALT button and type 0160 (remember you must have to hold ALT button and typw the code from the num pad must, it won’t appear in the screen) . When you complete typing the code, release ALT and press enter . you will see a folder without no name. At first try it will be difficult for you to acquire the whole tricks but eventually you will get it right. So try , apology if i failed to make you understand .

Now the second part is easy, you just have to make the folder invisible. To do that select the folder, right click go to properties , click customize , then click Change icon and then you will find many icons available, slowly search for a icon that doesn’t show, i mean an invisible icon totally blank, select and then apply .
Thats it, The invisible folder is ready, You can also make it invisible without removing the name. Then only name will appear without the folder

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