Opera browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017

Opera browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017
Opera browser keyboard shortcuts keys 2017

Opera Internet browser will be internet browser under development since 1997. It’s usually disregarded (approximately five% industry share), many the characteristics You have arrive at assume have been originated from Opera such as navigation bars, pop-up preventing, Personal searching and more. Let’s take a peek.

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Go to top ——————————————————–Home
Go to down —————————————————–End
Exit context—————————————————-Esc
Display contest————————————————-shift+f10
Activate the address bar Save the page—————: Ctrl +S
Find a word or a phrase on the page:—————— Ctrl +F
Reload the page: ——————————————–Ctrl+ R
Open a new tab (open Speed Dial):——————— Ctrl+ T
Close the current tab:————————————- Ctrl+ W
Re-open the last closed tab:—————————— Ctrl+ Shift +T
Open the history———————————————Ctrl +H
Cycle backward through open tabs)—————— Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab
Open a private window:——————————– Ctrl+ Shift+ N
Move one line up——————————————-Up arrow
Move one line down—————————————-Down arrow
Move one character to the right————————Right arrow
Move one character to the left—————————Left arrow
Move one screen full up———————————–Shift+ space
Move one screen full down——————————-Space
Move one screen full to left——————————-Ctrl+ page up
Move one screen full to right—————————-Ctrl+ page down
Undo recent change—————————————–Ctrl +z
Redo recent changes—————————————-Ctrl +y
Copy selection to clipboard——————————–Ctrl +c
Move selection to clipboard——————————–Ctrl+ x
Paste from clipboard—————————————Ctrl +v
Select all——————————————————-Ctrl+ A
Delete selection ———————————————-Delete
go to home page———————————————-Ctrl+ space

Ctrl + T :Open a new tab
Ctrl + W Â :Close a tab
Ctrl + Tab :Cycle between tabs

System keys
Ctrl + O :Open file
Ctrl + S :Save copy of page
Shft + P :Print preview (toggle)
Ctrl + P :Print page
Ctrl + Q :Close Opera

Up arrow :One line up
Down arrow :One line down
Left arrow :One character to the left
Righ arrow :One character to the right
Page Up :One screen up
Page Down :One screen down
Ctrl + Page Up :One screen to the left
Ctrl + Page Down :One screen to the right
Home :Go to top.
End :Go to bottom

+ or 0 :Zoom in 10%
– or 9 :Zoom out 10%
Ctrl + or 8 :Zoom in 100%
Ctrl – or 7 :Zoom out 100%
6 :Restore zoom to 100%

Shft + Up arrow :Next link up
Shft + Down arrow :Next link down
Shft + Left arrow :Next link to the left
Shft + Right arrow :Next link to the right
Enter :Activate link
Shft + Enter :Activate link in new tab

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