How to Remove Thumb.db file

Thumbs.db is surely an image cache making thumbnail looking at quicker. The actual record is actually immediately developed within Home windows Vista, seven as well as eight anytime images are usually came across in the directory. It is typically invisible but can show up, disappear and is usually not possible to delete.

Whenever you copy the documents from any hardrive to your thumbdrive or perhaps vice versa, Windows is going to encounter the particular systems file “thumbs.db” after which halts the particular duplicating process until you answered the pressing query regarding regardless of whether you would like to duplicate that most crucial record also or otherwise not.

Thumb.db it’s a cache with the present picture for the reason that remove it choose following

step1 > open “WINDOWS EXPLORER”.

2>go to “TOOLS”.


How to Remove Thumb.db file

4>go to “VIEW”.

5>see 1st section “FILES & FOLDERS”.

6>click on the “DO NOT CACHE THUMBNAILS”.

now the thumbnail document will be removed from ur personal computer once You do that the particular document will be in no way developed.

Now enjoy your computer and operate your PC safely.

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