Windows 8.1 Shortcut Keys You May Know

Windows 8.1 is actually some refined changes, the computer software spot of sorts to last year’s computer software. There are a few variations, however most of them manage to are present to attract more-traditional PC customers — people who would like more of coming back to the traditional Windows expertise. The largest adjustments are usually:
It is possible to boot straight into Desktop computer function instead of the tile-based application Interface
The particular long-lost Begin button will be back again
You are able to click a lot more applications side-by-side regarding better multi-tasking
There’s also far better cross-system lookup, in addition to search which ties into cloud-based SkyDrive storage space

Windows key: Displays the Home screen
Windows + D: Display the desktop.
Windows + C: Displays the Charms bars (sharing, search, and settings)
Windows + E: Open the file explorer.
Windows + F: Files (research).
Windows + H: Share from the desktop.
Windows + I: Display settings.
Windows + K: Devices.
Windows + L: Lock the Windows session.
Windows + M: Minimizes (in the taskbar) all windows on the desktop
Windows + P: displays the multi-screen option (extend, duplicate, use secondary screen only).
Windows + Q: displays the Search tab.
Windows + R: Display Run tab.
Windows + U: Ease of use options.
Windows + W: Opens the search settings option.
Windows + X: Displays the start menu options
Windows + Z: displays the App bar for your active apps.
Windows + Space: toggles the language and keyboard layout between multiple languages ??(when configured).
Windows + Enter: Launches Narrator.
Windows + Tab: switch from one application to another.
CTRL + SHIFT + ESC: open the task manager.
Windows + Down arrow: Close a modern app.
Windows + start typing: Search your PC.
Windows + spacebar: Switch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows + X + down arrow: open mobility center.

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