Windows 8 Shortcut Keys You May Know

Windows 8 represents a difference in the manner Microsof company are usually getting close to computer software design using its touchscreen appropriate structure as well as smooth features. Microsof company possess integrated a number of characteristics to make your business life less complicated including quicker startup occasions as well as the ability with regard to business customers to generate House windows To look – a Hardware edition from the Windows desktop operate from your Memory Stick.
What this means is there’s restored opportunity with regard to satisfying all your This specifications without juggling 2 or 3 computer software platforms. We’ve been exploring the primary features of House windows 8 to show how it can work for you and your company

Anybody who employs Windows understands just how crucial It is to work at the earliest opportunity. Nonetheless, continually discovering shortcuts substantially affects your personal tempo in addition to performance. Along with KeyRocket, you’ll by no means may need to look upwards an additional secret yet again. KeyRocket implies relevant keyboard set cutting corners along with delicate notifications within Energy point. This lets you learn brand-new shortcuts without having enchanting your work-flows.

Alt+D Select address bar (Explorer)
Alt+Enter Properties
Alt+F4 Close active item or app
Alt+Left-Arrow Previous folder (Explorer)
Alt+Spacebar Shortcut menu
Alt+Tab Switch between apps
Alt+Up-Arrow Go up one level (Explorer)
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Alt+D Docked mode (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+I Invert colors (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+L Lens mode (Magnifier)
Ctrl+Alt+Tab Switch between apps using arrow keys
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+Down-Arrow Next paragraph
Ctrl+E Select Search box (Explorer)
Ctrl+Esc Start screen
Ctrl+F4 Close active document
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl+Left-Arrow Previous word
Ctrl+N New window (Explorer)
Ctrl+R Refresh
Ctrl+Right-Arrow Next word
Ctrl+Shift+Down-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Task Manager
Ctrl+Shift+Left-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+N New folder (Explorer)
Ctrl+Shift+Right-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Shift+Up-Arrow Select a block of text
Ctrl+Tab Cycle through metro app history
Ctrl+Up-Arrow Previous paragraph
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+W Close current window (Explorer)
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Delete Delete file (Explorer)
Esc Cancel
F1 Display Help (if available)
F2 Rename item
F3 Search for file or folder
F4 Display items in active list
F5 Refresh
Left-Arrow Open previous menu or close submenu
Right-Arrow Open next menu or open submenu
Shift+Insert Paste
Shift+Tab Move backward through options
Spacebar Select or clear active check box
Tab Move forward through options
Win Start screen
Win+, Peek at the desktop
Win+. Snap a metro app to the right (+Shift to snap to the left)
Win+C Open charms
Win+D Show desktop
Win+Down-Arrow Restore/minimize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)
Win+E Open Windows Explorer
Win+Enter Narrator (+Alt to open Windows Media Center if installed)
Win+Esc Exit Magnifier
Win+F Go to Files in Search charm (+Ctrl to find computers on a network)
Win+F1 Windows Help and Support
Win+G Cycle through desktop gadgets
Win+H Share charm
Win+Home Minimize non-active desktop windows
Win+I Settings charm
Win+J Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
Win+K Devices charm
Win+L Switch users (Lock computer if on a domain)
Win+Left-Arrow Snap desktop window to the left (+Shift to move window to left monitor)
Win+M Minimize all windows (desktop)
Win+Minus Zoom out (Magnifier)
Win+O Lock screen orientation
Win+P Projection options
Win+Page-Down Move Start screen to right monitor
Win+Page-Up Move Start screen to left monitor
Win+Pause System Properties
Win+Plus Zoom in (Magnifier)
Win+Q Search charm
Win+R Run
Win+Right-Arrow Snap desktop window to the right (+Shift to move window to right monitor)
Win+Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Win+T Set focus on taskbar and cycle through running desktop apps
Win+Tab Cycle through metro app history (use Ctrl to use arrow keys)
Win+U Ease of Access Center
Win+Up-Arrow Maximize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)
Win+V Cycle through notifications (+Shift to go backward)
Win+W Go to Settings in Search charm
Win+X Quick link power user commands (Opens Windows Mobility Center if present)
Win+Z Open app bar

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